Denver Truck Flatbeds and Stakebeds

Colorado Truck Bed Specialists

Mastercraft Truck Equipment has a large supply of flatbed and stakebed modification options that ensure that there’s nothing you can’t transport with your Denver truck.

Denver Truck Bed

As the name suggests, flatbed trucks offer an entirely flat, level 'bed' for the back of your truck and offer no sides or roof. This modification makes it easy to quickly and easily load goods and cargo. Flatbeds also are perfect for to transport heavy loads like construction equipment and other vehicles and also can be used for abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body.

But you’re more interested in a bed modification with a little more security for your cargo, than a stakebed modification might be just right for your Colorado truck. Stakebed’s are just like a flatbed except instead of having no sides, they are installed with fence-like walls surrounding it. They are used when fully enclosed storage is not needed or practical and are perfect for towing agricultural equipment and small livestock. Denver Stakebed

MasterCraft Trucks is proud to offer a complete line of CM Truck Beds and Freedom Quality beds, flatbeds, and stake bodies. These brands have become known for their durability, quality, and ability to fit with almost any truck.

Flatbeds and stake bodies have a variety of different uses and MasterCraft Truck has the solutions that will best fit the needs of your truck and your business. If you need to have a flatbed or stake body installed today, MasterCraft Trucks has a wide selection of various types and sizes of stake beds and flatbeds in stock.

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